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Real estate is generally a great investment option. It can generate ongoing passive income and be a good long-term investment. Investing in residential property, specifically in Cyprus, is considered a great investment option in Europe, as Cyprus is an international destination with millions of tourists visiting yearly from all over the world. 

There is a vast difference in property prices in Cyprus depending on location, and depending on the final aims of the buyer. In many places it is possible to find a property in Cyprus with an asking price of around EUR 100,000, but it certainly doesn’t end there, as expensive properties are also available, for multiple millions of euros. 

Cyprus has many property types to choose from. You can either purchase a holiday home to occasionally visit, buy a property to rent out long-term, or buy a residential home you will permanently live in.  Your search can start on www.scala.cy

Residential homes 

Luckily, Cyprus offers a variety of residential homes to buy from, from apartments to sea-side villas, village old-stone houses, and bungalows in the mountains. There are many options to choose from. You can even buy a scond-hand home and renovate it as you like, or buy brand new to your taste.  

Holiday home  

As the sea and sun go hand in hand, there is no question why many Europeans (and non-Europeans) choose Cyprus as a holiday home destination. There are many seaside villas or seaside apartments available for buyers.  

Buy real estate for investment in Cyprus 

Cyprus’s residency by investment program and citizen by investment scheme has gained much publicity over recent months, with stricter measures being put in place, but the idea remains the same: you can choose to invest in real estate and in turn, get permanent residency or even, if you are lucky, citizenship in Cyprus. It does come at a high cost, so this is not accessible for your average person, as millions of euros are needed to invest.